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Human Cloning Argumentative Essay Sample

Argument for Human Cloning Essay

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Introduction Cloning is the process of manipulating DNA and embryonic stem cells to create an identical living organism. The purpose of cloning is to find medical treatments and to reduce human suffering (Rosalyn). Is it wrong? Is it disrespectful toward nature itself? According to Sir John Gordon, cloning is not as playing God it is simply copying “what nature has already produced” (Gordon). This new development established a series of debates because if there are technologies that enable humans to artificially create mammal, sooner or later the same process will be performed on human. This points to the question, should human cloning be banned? (Cloning: An Overview). Even though there are numerous critics who believe human cloning…show more content…

Overtime the fusions between cells occur and form an embryo. This could lead to the transfer of healthy cell in an unborn child who contains diseases due to genetics from the parents. Unfortunately the research was banned. There are a lot of obstacles standing between the researches of human cloning that could possibly save many lives.
Diseases such as Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases can be cured by the process of cloning. Scientists have discovered a method of creating stem cells (an unspecialized cell that has the ability to become any various differentiated cell) from an embryo. Genetic copies of DNA from a living healthy person are inserted into an egg which divides in the process of cell division or meiosis, and grows into an embryo. If the process is successful, stem cells are then extracted, with the healthy gene placed in the DNA, the cells can divides and produce a healthful system. This whole procedure is for the purpose of improving treatment. However, this action puts fear into a lot of people’s minds of using stem cells for other purposes (Healy). Stem cells can be produced for the desire of new treatments has the potential to fight viruses in the human system and the prosperity will soon outweighed the terror of human cloning.
Therapeutic cloning has the potential use stem cells to cure diseases. Although there are many benefits the process of obtaining stem cells depends upon the massacre of the embryo. Nonetheless the benefits

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cloning argument Essay example

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Cloning: Choice is Ethical
Thousands of people a year are placed on the organ donor's list. Thousands of people a year are diagnosed with diseases that are dubbed fatal unless a transplant or transfusion is given. This has created a large demand for some alternative method to the present donor practice. Research in the "taboo" science of cloning seems to provide a viable method in which to aid the problem aforementioned and many others as well. But is it ethical?
Cloning technology is expected to aid the result in several medical breakthroughs. It is thought that there may one day be a cure for cancer. This is because the cloning process helps us understand the process of cell differentiation. Theories exist that if a cure for…show more content…

It would still take about two decades to come up with the first batch of useful soldiers or slaves.
Even then, getting the clones to all believe the same thing would be impossible. Neither knowledge nor experience can be cloned, and knowledge and experience heavily influences what type of person we become. To hear some people speak, one would think that Hitler's clones would all grow up speaking German regardless of the language spoken by those around them. Just as the clone may learn a different language, he is certainly going to have different experiences, and is likely to draw different lessons from those experiences (Hume). But if this remains a worry to some it can be simply taken care of with the passing of strict legislation, guidelines to what extents and directions that the science may go and not go.
One major supporter of cloning, the Roslin Institute, is sponsored by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), and obtains funding from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF), European Union, Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC), Milk Development Council (MDC), and other public and private organizations. They believe that cloning to produce the 'ultimate' product, is essential in our world’s development. By producing quality products (meat, milk, etc.) we are eliminating the use of artificial items (flavoring, coloring, pesticides) in our food. This also

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