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Association Of Private Enterprise Education Essay Contest


APEE has received a grant to help young faculty and graduate students attend our annual meeting April 1-4, 2018 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Successful applicants will have their registration fees reduced to $80 (normally $499) and may be eligible for a stipend to help offset travel expenses. These funds are designed to encourage younger scholars to consider the advantages of APEE membership. Funds are limited, and a strong preference will be given to first time attendees who are on the program. While second time recipients will remain eligible, limited funding dictates that recipients of more than one past award under the program should not expect to receive funding.

To apply, please supply the following: (1) a short essay (250-300 words) explaining why the applicant wishes to attend the meeting; (2) a short letter of reference, preferably from an APEE member or someone known to APEE, indicating why support should be provided to the nominee, and (3) a brief note from the applicant’s department chair or graduate director indicating the level of departmental support that the applicant can expect for this trip. The deadline for applying is January 31, 2018. Those selected will be notified within two weeks of that date. Successful applicants will be required to register for the conference (at the reduced rate of $80) by February 28, 2018.

Please send applications to Dr. Frank Stephenson at efstephenson@berry.edu If you have questions, you may email him or call him at (706) 238-7878.

The Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) believes that individual knowledge and understanding of a society based on freedom in enterprise and personal life can provide an environment in which people can fulfill their greatest potential.

The Association acts as a network to provide members with information, interaction, and support in their efforts to put into action an accurate and objective understanding of private enterprise systems.

  • APEE serves as an information exchange among those involved with private enterprise education, particularly in relation to research, teaching methods, programming, and sources of funding.
  • APEE sponsors yearly conferences, newsletters, membership directories, consultation among members, and other programs and publications.

APEE and its members aspire to the strictest standards of both academia and business. We do not pursue political or ideological goals, rather we seek educational and philosophical goals by:

  • Advancing teaching and research in private enterprise
  • Facilitating communication and cooperation between university and business communities
  • Encouraging the creation of chairs and centers of private enterprise in colleges and universities
  • Assisting in making existing private enterprise programs more effective.

Meet our Officers

APEE officers are educators and researchers from around the country. Review a list of our officers.

Our Background

The Association of Private Enterprise Education was created by educators and business people committed to furthering economic understanding. The association grew from the Chair of Private Enterprise which was established at Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta in 1963.

The GSU’s Chair of Private Enterprise works “actively to develop through the educational field that type of political, social and economic environment which enable private enterprise to prosper and multiply.”

Among the chair’s specific responsibilities was “encouraging and assisting in establishing other similar endeavors across the nation.”

Dr. Michael H. Mescon, the first person to hold the GSU Chair of Private Enterprise, influenced many colleges and universities to establish their own chairs through his speaking and writing.

Interest in creating chairs grew rapidly through the 1970s. This growth was aided by Georgia State colleagues Dr. Craig Aronoff and Dr. Francis W. “Bill” Rushing.

Dr. Mescon and his GSU colleagues met with thirteen colleges and universities who were interested in developing their own Chairs of Private Enterprise. From that group and that meeting, The Association of Private Enterprise Education was born.

Increasing interest by colleges and universities in private enterprise, economic education, entrepreneurship, and family business programs and a desire to expand their reach and increase their effectiveness sustains the Association.

Individuals who share the Association’s goals and represent schools, colleges and universities, businesses, government, foundations, labor unions, the media, or other institutions anywhere in the world are welcome to join The Association of Private Enterprise Education. Institutional memberships are also available.

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