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Lack Of Discipline In Students Essay

Discipline is something that is severely lacking in today's public schools. This lack of discipline is something I have witnessed from the time I was in grade school. Every year the teachers and faculty became less and less strict, and I feel that it has not stopped in the two years I have been out of school. There are many parties to blame, though, not just the teachers and schools. The causes of poor discipline in public schools are parents, lawyers and politicians, and our schools and faculty. Parents play a major role in the declining discipline in schools today.

Parents are becoming more and more lenient when raising their children, so their children are becoming more and more spoiled, lazy, and out of control, which they display in class. If children were afraid of their parents and of being punished, then they would not get in much trouble at school for fear of their parents when they get home. If parents would permit the schools to exercise more discipline instead of forbidding most forms of discipline in schools, more children would behave better and get more of an education. Parents need to take control of their children before our schools can, and they need to allow our schools to keep their children under control. Lawyers and politicians are also contributing to the lack of discipline in our schools in many ways. Politicians are creating new laws every day that hinder the ability of teachers and schools to punish disobedient children.

Politicians are creating laws that say corporal punishment is unlawful, when fifteen years ago it was common practice and even encouraged. They make laws that keep teachers from sending kids to time-out because if they are in time-out, they can not learn anything, but if they are misbehaving bad enough to be sent to time out then they are not learning anything anyway. Children who misbehave not only keep themselves from learning, but also keep the other children around them who are too distracted from learning. Lawyers are also contributing to the lack of discipline by taking people's cases against schools.

These cases end up costing the schools and ultimately the children thousands of dollars. This in turn causes the teachers to be afraid to discipline their children, and the children do not get new computers or books because of all the money the school lost with the law suit. When the politicians stop passing trivial laws that only hinder a schools ability to keep its students in line, and when lawyers stop taking these outrageous cases, then our schools discipline will increase and consequently the level of education will too. Finally the schools are a cause of the lack of discipline in schools today. If they could enforce the rules and show kids that they are not pushovers, then respect and good behavior from the children will follow. When schools fight back for their right to keep a child in line, then the discipline will start to increase again.

While I was in school, especially grade school, most kids were very well behaved because of the fact the teachers had control of the students, but every year they lose more and more of that control. An example is when I was in first grade and I started a fight, was sent to the principal, and then sent home for the day. When I got home, I knew I was in more trouble at home than I was at school. From that day on I was on my best behavior for the rest of the school year. When I was in fourth grade and I was in a fight again, but when sent to the principal I was only asked why I did it and told not to do it again. No call to the parents, no detention, suspension, or punishment of any kind, I was just sent back to class.

In three years the discipline declined so much that I went from being sent home for a fight to no punishment at all. If schools would be a little stricter on children today, there would not be such a need for discipline in our schools. Schools today are in desperate need of discipline in the classrooms. The only way to get the children to behave so they can learn is to keep them disciplined. Schools are becoming more and more dangerous these days, and if there is a lack of discipline, then that danger is only going to increase. In high schools and middle schools across the country, violence is becoming a major issue.

Schools have to purchase metal detectors, hire police to walk the halls; none of which is making much of a difference. School shootings and fights are becoming more common every year. To achieve this discipline, people need to go after the causes of our poor discipline in schools, the parents, the politicians and lawyers, and the schools and faculty.

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Free essay examples, how to write essay on Causes Of The Lack Discipline In Public Schools

Free sample essay on the importance of Discipline in life. Discipline is the most fundamental of all qualities that shape a student. Discipline means self-control, discipline means the tendency to act most appropriately on all occasions never trespassing the rules of propriety.

The lack of discipline among the students is one of the chief social problems of the day. This is because they have not been disciplined in their families and in the classroom. The social atmosphere is so full of pernicious influences that they affect their tender, impressionable minds. Absorbing the bad influences around them they easily fall victim to bad habits. Discipline speaks volumes of our social awareness, for; even in the early stages of life you begin to learn that you should be a model student, diligent in studies, well behaved at home, in school and outside.

Elders who are indiscipline, who are not decent, noble and well-behaved, set a bad example to the youngsters. Students think that when the elders themselves have no sense of restraint in speech and behaviour they too need not be restrained. They are unconsciously influenced by the elders. That society is a healthy society which is composed of people who mind their business and who are not sources of botheration to others. Non-interference in others’ affairs is one of the most prized virtues of man. Help others if you can and do not give trouble to others by your indecent behaviour, by your aggressiveness. If you earn the name that you are a good, decent youngster, it is an invaluable certificate of appreciation for you. You should have the determination in your mind that you should be obedient to your parents, teachers and elders. The habits you acquire in your young age continue lifelong. There is a Tamil proverb which says that a good habit which is not cultivated at the age of five cannot be cultivated at the age of fifty. This truth is one hundred per cent true.

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We should get up early in the morning, do some exercises and keep ourselves trim, study the lessons of the day, help our parents in the household work. We should go to school well in advance before the school bell rings.

We should be attentive to the lectures of our teachers and should impress them as knowledgeable and obedient students. If our teachers say something encouraging about us we will have the stimulus to put more efforts in our studies, to behave better and better.

Our nation is often caught in a crisis as people become unruly and fight among themselves. We are the future citizens of India. From our young age we should train ourselves to be the ideal citizens of our nation.

It is said that the people of a nation are its wealth. It is the citizens of a country who are responsible for its growth and prosperity. We build up our nation and we should be strong physically and mentally. Discipline, hard-work and perseverance make us complete human beings.

Let us take a vow that we will be dutiful, honorable citizens. The bright future of India depends on its enthusiastic, disciplined, hard-working youngsters. The responsibility of shaping the future India has been entrusted to the youngsters.

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