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Aice Application Essay Examples

Both the Cambridge AICE program and the International Baccalaureate program are advanced academic curriculum, with an established history and exemplary track record of success.  AICE, however, does offer students more flexibility in class selection and timing for college.

A student must pass seven AICE examinations in a 25-month period (three school years) to earn the AICE diploma.  Students are required to pass one exam each from the three categories: Mathematics/Sciences, Language, and Humanities as well as AICE Global Perspectives.  The other three classes may be from any category or the elective options of AICE General Paper or AICE Thinking Skills, so students can customize their schedules to target a specialized area of study that will better prepare them as they progress upwards  to the university level and eventually, the workforce.

Find out the benefits of earning the AICE Diploma and what changes are taking place for the Class of 2017 - http://www.cie.org.uk/programmes-and-qualifications/cambridge-advanced/cambridge-aice-diploma/

For 2017 graduates and after, check out the new AICE Diploma requirements here.

For example, a student wishing to study Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical Sciences might schedule 4 Math/Science, 1 Language, and 1 Humanities for their AICE classes, while a student studying Criminology or Law might prefer 1 Math/Science, 1 Language, and 4 Humanities.

Another AICE advantage is the students ability to take AICE classes and exams at any stage in their high school career, starting in 9th grade.  AICE students at North who take exams all four years are able to position themselves for an AICE diploma by the end of theirjunior year.

Having the AICE diploma on their resume when applying to colleges during the fall of their senior year helps students further differentiate them from other applicants who will not learn of their IB or AICE diploma status until the August after they graduate, when colleges have already chosen their freshmen applicants.

Parents, need more reasons to choose the Cambridge AICE Program at NFMHS? Check out this list!

Students will not receive invitations to apply.

Please see the admission requirements on this page.  If you qualify for the program you may follow the  timeline to submit an application. The application may be downloaded below.

Admission Requirements

Students applying for admission to the University of Cambridge International Examinations Advanced International Certificate of Education program must meet all of the following preliminary requirements:

1. FSA ELA and FSA Math scores must be 4 or 5.
2. Non-public school applicants must score at the
85th percentile or above in Math and Reading
     on a nationally recognized standardized test
3.  Students must have taken Algebra I Honors* or
     Geometry Honors* in 8th grade.

  *Online courses in this subject must be a year
      long course and must be finished in time to
      take the Algebra I End Of Course exam before
      school begins in August. FLVS scores must be
      provided.  EOC scores must be a 4 or above to
4.  Grades of A or B in all core academic subjects
5.  No serious discipline record or chronic 
6.  Completion of the application, following all

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