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Silk Road Globalization Essay Questions


So, I have walked about 6,000 kilometers out of Ethiopia since January of 2013. I have crossed about 13 borders. I have passed through about a dozen countries and territories, many languages within those territories and countries.

And along most of the way, about 95 percent of the way, I have been walking with local people. That’s part of the project. This is a project about humanity. It’s a project about what connects us and what separates us, so I need to have local people.

And it’s truly amazing. In conversations about, is the world becoming more dangerous, is it becoming more turbulent, I have to remind my readers that, at least in my experience, the world is an incredibly hospitable place.

And all of these folks who walk with me, mostly men, but some women, have become like family to me. I literally put my life into their hands. And I’m being passed like a human baton from walking partner to walking partner.

And what does that do? It gives me great heart. It gives me great energy. It proves in a very concrete way, my safety, that most people are good and most people will help you out, even if they’re strangers, even if they’re from another culture, even if they don’t look like you or speak in the same words that you speak.


Silk Roads EssayBy Evan CohenThe Silk Road was a merchants’ heaven and a consumers’ dream. A place wherecultural diffusion was a natural occurrence and different rich cultures could both spread and blend with freedom and prosperity. This global marketplace was took hundreds of years tostart and played a major factor our cultural past. Due to the combination of people, products,ideas, and modes of transit, the first global marketplace was able to widely spread differentcultural ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles across Europe and Asia.The Silk Road was home to thousands of traders from all over the world, trying totrade different products from different cultures to different people in different cultures. Thisspread of products from person to person was a major reason why cultural items ended up indifferent cultures. Traders came from all over the world, and brought with them some of themost culturally rich items. When these items were traded for other items from other cultures,it allowed the passing of different cultural items. The trade of one item for another was called bartering. Veteran traders normally carried many items from various cultures due to past bartering. With all of these culturally rich items being traveled along the Silk Road, thiscaused many items from different cultures to be placed in other cultures where they couldhave their own significance. These travelers traveled through China, India, Persia, Europe,and the Gulf Coast collecting and trading these items to different cultures. These itemssometimes gained popularity. An example would be silk in Europe. Silk was in high demandin Europe and without the Silk Road; it would have probably never been introduced intoEuropean society. These traders were very important to the spread of cultural along the Silk Road.

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