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Example Of Da Form 4187 For Compassionate Reassignment Forms

Army Enlisted Compassionate Reassignments

Soldiers may be considered for a compassionate action when they have
extreme Family problems. The two types of Compassionate Requests are
when personal problems are:

1. Temporary (resolvable within one year)

2. Not expected to be solved in one year

A compassionate action may be a request for reassignment, deletion,
deferment or permissive attachment based on the soldier's circumstances.

Criteria and supporting documentation for Compassionate Actions are
outlined in AR 614-200 Chapter 5.


Attachment authority for the purpose of processing a compassionate action
has been centralized at HRC. Local commanders are required to request
compassionate attachment using the compassionate attachment function on
the Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS). DA HRC will
respond via EDAS authorizing or denying attachment or requesting
clarification or further information. A point of contact and valid phone number
must be included in the request. Initial attachment to allow a Soldier to
gather documentation for a compassionate request will be limited to 10 days.
All subsequent periods of further attachment must be requested and
approved by DA HRC. A Soldier must be in a leave status to request
permissive attachment for compassionate reasons.


DA HRC will respond to compassionate requests via EDAS vice electronic
message. Processing of compassionate requests is normally completed
within 7-21 days. Soldiers should check with their S-1 for status of request.


Compassionate actions that involve medical issues will be reviewed by the
Office of the Surgeon General and a recommendation forwarded to DA HRC.
If the compassionate action pertains to a medical condition of the Soldier's
dependent, he/she should enroll in the Exceptional Family Member Program
(EFMP) or update the enrollment in the EFMP prior to forwarding the request
to HRC.


Only General Courts-Martial Convening Authorities (GCMA) can return a
compassionate reassignment request if they believe documentation is
insufficient. Otherwise, all requests will be forwarded to HRC for decision.


Soldiers are not authorized to submit more than one request for
reconsideration for the same or similar extreme Family problems.


When a Soldier enrolled in the MACP requests a compassionate action,
his/her spouse will receive automatic compassionate consideration unless
otherwise indicated in the remarks section of DA Form 3739, Application for
Compassionate Actions.

The point of contact is:
usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.epmd-compassionate-section@mail.mil at COMM:
502-613-5860 or DSN: 983-5860. Please include grade, full name, SSN and
MOS with all e-mail requests.

Army Compassionate Reassignments
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DA Form 3739 Application for Compassionate Reassignment

DA Form 3739 Application For Compassionate Reassignment        Back to DA Forms Menu
You can find a fillable DA Form 3739 available for download. DA3739 is also available in Microsoft Word
format you can also download pure edge/lotus viewer here

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