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Social Service Essay Pdf

...purposely, and for every incorrect response, the teacher administered a shock. The participant believed that he was delivering real shocks to the student; however, the learner was merely pretending to be shocked (Cherry, 2013; McLeod, 2007; Milgram, 1974; Scott et al., 1999). As the experiment progressed, the teacher would hear the learner plead to stop the experiment and release him from the confines of the shock machine. After reaching the 300-volt level, the learner would bang on the walls and vehemently insisting on his release. When the teacher refused to deliver a shock and would ask the experimenter for guidance, the experimenter issued the standard directive consisting of the following four prods: 1. "Please continue." 2. "The experiment requires that you continue." 3. "It is absolutely essential that you continue." 4. "You have no other choice, you must go on." (Burger, Girgis, & Manning; 2011, Cherry, 2013; McLeod, 2007; Milgram; 1974; Scott et al., 1999). Results of Milgram’s Experiment Milgram used the degree of shock that the participant (“teacher”) was inclined to deliver as the measure of obedience. How far do you think that most participants were willing to go? When Milgram posed the question “How far do you think that most participant were willing to go?” to a group of Yale University students, the students predicted that less than 3 out of 100 participants would deliver the maximum shock. In actuality,...

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