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My Personal Weaknesses Essay

Our achievements speak for themselves. However, when it comes to our setbacks, failures and weaknesses, we feel uncomfortable talking about them. All of us have failed at some time to equal our dreams of perfection or to perform well. The big issue is not our weaknesses; they are part of life. The issue is how we manage these imperfections so that they do not dictate us. Setbacks and weaknesses can be robust stepping stones that lead to growth and maturity. However, utmost care should be taken while mentioning our weaknesses in our application so that we do not inadvertently present ourself in poor light. As we know that nobody is 100% perfect in the world. Each and every individual has some weakness, so as I.

My weaknesses hinder my abilities and are flaws in my personality, which could complicate my relationships with others. One of my weaknesses is arrogance. I am very confident in my abilities that sometimes it might be considered egotism. Another of my weaknesses is that I am somewhat judgmental. I expect others to do their best job, and I can be quick to judge them when they don’t meet my expectations. An important weakness of mine is that I have poor public speaking skills and stage fearness which I could not escape from it. When I have to speak in front of others, I can get very nervous no matter how prepared I am.

This could be a problem in the future with presentations I may have to give. Moreover, one of my personal weaknesses is that I have bad handwriting. I usually write with little or no spaces between words and combine cursive and printing together. My school teacher and my parents often complaint that my work looks like that of a child who doesn’t understand English or who thinks faster than he can write. Some of my work, the teacher would not mark because she can’t read it. To make up for that, I have spent a lot of time working my computer skills so that I can type long essays and other similar assignments.

This has helped me to keep my grades from declining for a long time. I have never been one to write much of anything by hand, with more and more school work moving from paper to computers, the need to have good handwriting has been reduced. The tools available on computers can be used to help as a strength where I am weak. So where I lack in handwriting, I excel in typing. I believe life is a learning experience and we all have certain personal strengths and weaknesses. If we know the areas in our lives in which we feel comfortable with what we doing, or what we are good at and areas where we struggle or what we are weak, this could lead to stepping stones in helping us to become better people.

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Recognizing these weaknesses along with having the desire to improve them is a skill that everyone should strive to possess. Some of the abilities and skills I possessed and contributed to in my work environment, personal life, and learning team are quite similar. My philosophy being able to get the work done no matter what obstacles are in your way. I generally consider myself to be a well-organized, hard-working, and a very precise individual. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have a weakness for procrastination. I tend to wait until the last minute to really get on the grind about things.

My aunt has always stated, “Procrastination is Devastation!” I never really paid attention to what she was saying. I am striving to learn that it better to be prepared then to wait until the last minute to put out fires. I have a huge fear of ghost and it is progressively getting worse, I can’t sleep at night without the tv on and even when it is on I am petrified by any noise I hear, I keep my feet and body very tightly wrapped in my covers even though it’s uncomfortable to me because the thought of something touching me is unbearable. I feel so ridiculous like a child but I can’t get over it, its beginning to become a real problem but I don’t know how to even begin to get over it. My friends and family think it’s cute but they don’t really know the extent of it, I can’t sleep at all because the thoughts drive me into panic.

I am a Christian but no amount of prayer can make me feel better or comfortable at night. My house is not haunted, It doesn’t matter where I am, I am always frightened to go to bed alone and the only time I get restful sleep is when someone is sleeping with me. The only time I am not afraid of ghosts is when my fear of aliens is more prominent, my fear of ghosts is more consistent but if I hear anything about aliens then that becomes my main fear. They kind of switch off like i’ll be scared of ghost for like three months and then I’ll be scared of aliens for like two and then I’ll have a month where I won’t be scared of anything and I can sleep with the tv off and I’ll actually get a decent sleep but it’s short-lived. My fears are starting to run my life and I need to overcome them but I dont even know where to start. Everyone has personal weaknesses.

Those of us who are wise recognize them and try to overcome these character flaws. Others ignore their personal weaknesses and find themselves repeating mistakes and leading unfulfilled lives. The secret to self improvement is to
discover your fallibilities and either correct them, or find a way to turn them into strengths. I have many weaknesses. Only my mother thinks that I am perfect. But I see the flaws.

Just as I look into a mirror and examine my face for wrinkles and gray hairs on a daily basis, I also look into my soul to see my inner imperfections. While a little Botox and hair coloring can fix your outer defects, the inner journey to self improvement is not quite as easy. You have to be able to see your own faults. The secret of how to overcome your personal weaknesses lies within you and how willing you are to look within your true self.

Every one of us has weaknesses, and so do I – quite many, in fact. But out of them all, I believe the greatest one is my lack of self-confidence. I don’t know how I came to have this low self-esteem, but I do know it is a problem I absolutely have to fix. Upon reflecting quite a while on this matter, I understand it is a flaw in my personality that is needlessly complicating my life on many levels and often hinders my development, both personally and professionally.

First of all, my lack of self-confidence too often leads to a lack of trust in others. Many times, I found myself suspecting others of having hidden agendas when offering their friendship or help, or making a kind gesture. “Why would they want to help me?” “Why would they want to have a coffee with me? They must be after something!” I know I not only missed many opportunities this way, but, most importantly, that I may have hurt good people because of this way of thinking.

Paradoxically, even though my self-confidence issues make me not trust others, when I do let people in, I start relying on them too much. Since I don’t believe in myself to find my own happiness, I tend to turn to others to fulfill that role for me. Thinking about this objectively, I understand I sometimes put too much pressure on others or burden them excessively, because I don’t trust my interior strength and my own judgment.

Mix the two above-mentioned ingredients together, add some spices, and you get a nice dish of troubles in your romantic relationships. Because of my trust issues, low self-esteem and emotional dependence on my partner, I constantly needed reassurance and I started many unnecessary fights. Luckily, I have an understanding partner and he still puts up with me, in spite of all this. I, too, have been doing my best to overcome these issues since I became aware of them, and I now try to view our relationship more objectively, more trustfully. However, sometimes, that crazy little leprechaun in my had still comes out to play.

Now, my self-doubt doesn’t affect only my relationship with others – it affects me, individually, as well. Because of this weakness of mine, I often give up on my self-development goals, thinking that I’m never going to accomplish them anyway. For instance, I started a 30-day home yoga challenge to get into shape and lose some weight. It’s been 3 months, and I’m on day 10 with the program. I think the facts speak for themselves.

Likewise, I’ve lost many job opportunities because I simply didn’t have the motivation or the courage to take action at the right moment – or even to complete a job application. “I’m going to fail anyway. Why put myself through this?”; “I’m not good enough.”; “I do have the skills, but the competition is much better than me. I don’t have a chance.” – and so on and so forth. It’s not laziness, as many might imagine. It’s just fear – most of the times silly, but still fear.

All in all, after extensive soul-searching, I realize that my self-doubt is my greatest weakness of them all, because it is a brick wall I keep hitting in all aspects of my life, be them personal or professional. Lack of self-confidence makes one suspicious of others, it hurts relationships, it hurts people, it hinders one’s development, and it simply complicates everything. Acknowledging the existence of a problem is a huge step towards solving it, and I will keep working on it until I demolish that brick wall – or banish the crazy little leprechaun in my head, if the metaphor feels more appropriate.

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