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Kristen Cookie Company Case Study Pdf

CASE STUDY OF KRISTEN’S COOKIE COMPANY 2 Introduction The purpose of this case study was to determine a college student and her roommate’s production process for filling cookie orders, their pricing decisions, how many orders they could fill, the amount and type of equipment needed, and if their business could be profitable. This case study will also determine if any changes could be made to allow for better cookies to be made, more cookies in less time, or at a lower cost. This paper will conclude with recommendations for how Kristen’s Cookie Company should be handled independently and the factors to consider. Kristen, a college student, and her roommate decide to operate Kristen’s Cookie Company in their on-campus apartment. The company wants to serve fresh cookies to students late at night. The company proprietors will need to analyze the company’s design, production process, what prices to charge, if the company will be profitable, and how many orders to fill (Jacobs; Chase). This case study is an example of process analysis. Process analysis helps to understand how a business operates. It involves breaking down a process into phases, and the inputs, outputs, and operations associated with each phase. Process analysis is helpful in understanding how processes operate, how to determine areas of process improvement, remove waste, and increase efficiency. Process analysis usually involves defining entry and exit points for process inputs and outputs, constructing a process flow chart; determining each process step capacity, identifying the bottleneck in the process, and using the results of these analyses to make business decisions and process improvements. A flowchart is often used in process analysis to show how materials flow throughout the operation.

Case Study Analysis
Based on the enclosed case study of Read the Kristen's Cookie Company. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word response in which you:
a. Answer the questions at the end of the case.
b. Summarize the case.
c. Analyze baseline data for the product or service discussed in the selected case to identify improvement opportunities.
d. Establish performance requirements (quality, time, cost, customer satisfaction) for process improvement.
e. Identify the top three process improvement opportunities.
f. Determine if these improvement opportunities can be applied to your workplace? If so, how? If not, why not?

APA format is required.

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Solution Preview

The response addresses the queries posted in 1672 words with references.

//Before answering the key questions, which has an impact on launching a new business, we would discuss the cooking process of cookies. This process chart will help to know the time requirement of the process and also the elements involved in the process.

Flow Diagram of Cooking Process

//After analyzing the flow chart of the process, now as per the requirement, we will discuss the questions which are related to the launching of the business. These questions help to understand the issues, which can arise after the business development. The time taken for filling a rush order, total number of orders in business hours, change in the production process, bottlenecks in process are the important issues, which are discussed below.


Cycle Time
Start Time
Finish Time

Order Entry
0 minutes

Washing and mixing
6 minutes

Fill Tray
2 minutes

Prepare Oven & baking
Roommate & oven

0 minutes

5 minutes

Packing and collection
3 minutes

To fill a rush order for a dozen of cookies will take 26 minutes.

2. The time in producing one dozen will be longer than producing two dozens, as we can start the second time production without the completion of the first batch. It can be completed with additional 10 minutes. The two dozen of cookies can be produced in 36 minutes. From this, the total number of orders will be 13 which can be fulfilled in the night, if it opens for four hours every night.

3. It will take 8 minutes of me (6 minutes of washing and mixing + 2 minutes of filling tray). For my roommate, it will take 4 minutes (1 minute of preparing oven+ 3 minutes of packing and collection).

4. The production of one dozen requires overall 26 minutes. The labor time will be 12 minutes (8+4) for production of one dozen. The production of two dozen requires 36 minutes overall, while the labor time will be equal to the 17 minutes (10 minutes of you and 7 minutes of roommate). It will save the additional 6 minutes of washing and mixing and also the 1 minute of collection. The production of three dozen cookies requires 46 minutes for the complete process while the labor time will be 22 minutes ...

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