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Personal Health Analysis Essay

Many people have put focus on developing strategies that channel their attitude towards health promotion. Despite this fact, most people’s health behavior is influenced by factors such as culture, environment and generally how they were raised and this will be the basis of discussion in this paper. Personally, one of the greatest things that affect my personal health behavior is my family that is the parental advice that I got regarding what is right and what is not. Since time immemorial, parents have been known to have a great influence in who their children become and this has been the case with me. My dietary choice is greatly influenced by what I used to have when I was a small kid still under my parents care. Eating out in fast food restaurants was a luxury that us kids in the family only admired from afar. My parents believed in preparing our meals at home and always defended this by saying that then we could monitor what we ate and only get the best in terms of the nutrients and way of preparation, for instance, it is only in our house where sausages could be shallow fried as opposed to deep fried with my mum saying that it reduced the fat that we consumed which was not proper for our health. I could say that this has influenced me positively in terms of my personal health due to the fact that I am well trimmed and healthy and still try to make my own food rather than eat out. Studies do show that people from different cultures have varying habits that tend to influence their personal

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Personal health and safety at the construction site

A CDM coordinator is required in the cases of notifiable projects (hse.gov.uk, n.d.). The major responsibilities of a CDM coordinator are to notify the project details to HSE, to provide the client with advice and assistance regarding their duties, to coordinate the aspects of health and safety in the design work, to cooperate with the parties and personnel involved in the project, to enhance the flow of communication between the project parties, to develop liaison with the general contractor about the design work, to identify and circulate pre-construction information, and to update the file of health and safety record of the project (hse.gov.uk, n.d.).

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Personal Health and Safety

The researcher considers being assertive, confident, knowledgeable and aware at all time of rights as personal strengths because it puts other people on notice that he cannot be trifled with. This is a vital component in any social interaction, that the researcher aims to improve and analyze in the essay.

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Personal Health and Safety Reflection

I am not controlled in any way by drugs, nor am I controlled by a drug user. Further, when I checked on the area of work addiction, I also realized that I am not a work addict as I always balance my time between loved ones, the family life, studies and work, as required.

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Health Topic, personal opinions

Lashner (2012) describes the consequence of addiction in very accurate terms as he points towards the “uncontrollable” impulse a person feels for the use of a habit forming drug, once a person gets addicted to its use. Addiction leads to a craving and usage that with times starts interfering with his life and activities and hampers his role in family and the society (Leshner 2012).

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Personal and Professional Health Care Communication

Good communication is central to effective health care. Communication is a determining factor to know whether people are engaging in recommended health behaviors personally or professionally, and whether the behavior has positive or negative outcomes. Health communicators aspire to achieve many goals when it comes to health care, such as providing instructions, influencing decisions, and attitudes among others on the their patients.

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Personal Health Status and Behavioral Changes

It is worth stating that I do not have any physiological illnesses currently affecting me. I do not have injuries meaning that I am healthy. I am also spiritually healthy because I have a sense of hope, ambitions, commitment to fellow students, family and the entire humanity.

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Community Action Personal Health Paper

Even though such diseases are becoming more well-known and there is more support available for those with eating disorders, there will continue to be an increase in the incidence of them unless we as a culture start to change our ideas of what constitutes the "ideal" body.

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Personal Health Assessment

I attempt to keep a gym routine where I am actively involved in strength training activities. I also stay physically active in my daily life through random means,

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Personal Health Risk

The presence of many manufacturing plants like Pepsi cola factory explains the high level of toxins in my locality. The release of toxic air pollutants from the industries into the environment can be through air, water, or land. FRITO-LAY INC released 347 lbs of toxins through the air (EPA, 2015).

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health. This is a factor that I can comfortably attest to based on the fact that my culture has greatly influenced my health behaviors. Being a regular Northern American, there has always been emphasis on adherence to a low fat, high fiber diet as well as regular exercises and earlier immunizations so as to promote better health (Pollow & Stoller, p.377-389). These are factors that have been of great of health to me since I try to ascribe to them so as to protect my health. On the contrary, someone that has been brought up in a Mexican culture may tend to view things differently. They may place a greater value to prayer and meditation so as to prevent diseases other than going to a hospital (Committee on Health and Behavior: Research, Practice and Policy, Board on Neuroscience and Behavioral Health, p.37). In reality, this does not help since one has to take care of themselves using the proper mechanisms so as to remain healthy and this really affects their health in a negative way. This is the same case with their diet where they feel that they have to eat certain kinds of food just because that is what they have been eating without considering the nutritional value of the same. My friends have always remained part and parcel of my life, as such; they always influence the life that I lead. Most of my free time is spent with my friends, and we always engage in a lot of activities most of which influence and affect my personal health behavior. Sometimes, we go swimming which I always enjoy because it helps in keeping me fit. However, most of the time we always go partying and some of the activities that come with it include taking alcohol and smoking which deteriorate personal health (Committee on Health and Behavior: Research, Practice and Policy, Board on Neuroscience and Behavioral Health, p.37). After such times, I always get back home and sleep for maybe two hours before waking up and undertaking my endeavors. Despite the fact that it is always so refreshing and relaxing to pass time with my friends, I always find it to be quite disturbing considering some of the activ

Personal Health After familiarizing myself with the six dimensions of health; physical wellness, emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, spiritual wellness, social wellness and environmental wellness; I have identified three that are in my opinion, my strongest. These three dimensions are; intellectual wellness, environmental wellness and physical wellness. I feel I am strongest in the intellectual wellness dimension. This is due to the fact that I always have a need to learn new things. I guess you could say I crave knowledge. New experiences and challenges are aspects of my life that I find necessary. When I am not in school for awhile, I feel the emptiness in my life. Although I always look other places and do find new learning experiences, college seems to give me that overall satisfaction I need. I always keep an open mind and tend to evaluate all situations critically. My next strongest dimension is environmental wellness.

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