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Assignment 3 R Programming Coursera Login

There are multiple issues with the code, but the direct problem is that you are being bitten by the factor bug. Compare these values:

So when you run this command, , you will not get a match even though one exists. Try this instead:

The vector was wrapped in the function to give this output.

You will still get a warning because you did not eliminate factors from the beginning. It's difficult to tell where to start fixing the approach, but it may get you through the assignment.


You can start on the right foot by adding two arguments to , we will set to so strings remain as characters. And to . This tells R what to look for in the file to determine missing values.

With this corrective step added, you can now take out all of the and parts. Look what I did with the heart attack section:

Now can just take the value of directly. And doesn't need any special treatment either.

Towards the bottom, you can now take out the last lines that drop the factor levels. I changed the ending to:

Now when the code is run it works without warnings:

Update 2

Here is a shortened code that will work:

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