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Bridgeway Scholarship Essays

Directions for Scholarships

Check the requirements for the scholarship to make sure you are eligible.

If the scholarship is due back to the Career Center, we will provide a transcript, you do not need to sign up for one.

If a scholarship is to be mailed directly, you are responsible for providing a transcript. You must sign up and allow 3-5 days for the transcript to be completed.

Please make sure to make a note of the deadline for return.  There are no exceptions.

If your scholarship application has more than one page, please attach all elements, (i.e. essays, financial forms, pictures) together securely or place in a large manila envelope with your name and the name of the scholarship on the outside.

If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Lumme in the Career Center! 

Participation in defensive driving program at fearthis4Life.org

Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Xi Omega(rotating)


Atlanta Southern Crescent Alum. Pan. Assn.

Women, Academic, community service

Self or immediate family member battling cancer or brain injury

Extreme Financial Need/Academic

Correctional Officers Scholarship

Major in a criminal justice field

Attend a Georgia college or university

Agriculture/Horticulture or related field

Coweta County Republican Women’s Assn.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Scholarship

Top African American Female, Community Service, Academic

D'Tori Crawford Self Improvement Scholarship

Male minority student

Eli Holland Scholarship

Essay about reckless driving

Financial Need, Academic, SAT

Hunter Scarbrough Leadership Scholarship

Involved in FCA or faith-based youth programs

InspirASIAN Scholarship  

3.4 unweighted GPA, open to all students 

Community Service, academic

Northgate Key Club Member

Majoring in athletic training or similar field

African American, Academic

MARC (Metro Atlanta Relocation Council) Scholarship

For students who have relocated to the Atlanta Area during High School

African American, Financial Need

Extra-curricular and community service

Major in History, or architectural related field

Family members in public safety

Female, academic, financial need

Financial Need, leadership, community service

NGHS Academic Bowl Scholarship

Senior member of the NGHS Academic Bowl Team

NGHS Journalism and Creative Writing Scholarship

Seniors who have taken Writer's Workshop or Journalism

Major in area of horticulture or agri science

Richard Brooks-Fine Arts, Wynn Handman-Theatre

African American Male, Academic

 The Lynn Marie Barta Scholarship

 Student seaking training in technical, community, or 4 year. 

Bohannon Instrumental Scholarship

Students who play musical instruments. 

Newnan Shrine Club


WGTC Local Board Scholarship

Students who will be attending West Georgia Technical College




Additional Scholarship Opporunities:

National Young Arts Foundation Scholarship    www.youngarts.org/competition    

Many more scholarship opportunities are out there!

For Scholarship Search Engines, check out the websites below:




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It is a great homeschool academy where you will great a fantastic base. It is different really because it is very strict and makes you work on time something which is not given in all homeschools. The teachers are all very easy to understand and will answer any question. The counselors, especially mine are very sweet and will help you not only when in school but are when applying to college. Overall great place to be.
I was involved in the Home School program. The advisors were great and very helpful. They enrolled me in a program that helped me with my learning disability (dyslexia) that helped me feel more confident in doing my school work. The curriculum was challenging and very informative. Being home schooled gave me the flexibility to participate in gymnastics at Zenith Elite Gymnastics Academy and put in the hours needed to pursue my dreams of becoming an elite gymnast. We participated in several community service opportunities, my favorite being World Vision. They also offered courses to prepared us for SAT’s, which gave the homeschooled students an opportunity to interact with each other. It was a very special experience traveling from Texas to Pennsylvania to participate in the graduation and have an opportunity to meet the other students involved in the Home School program face to face. To sum it up I was a great experience.
I homeschool through Bridgeway, and I have to say that I have really enjoyed my experience. The curriculum that they offer is challenging, and I really like my academic advisor.
I started my son at Bridgeway after withdrawing him from our public high school due to anxiety and depression. Bridgeway allowed us to stay on track for my son's graduation this year. He excelled with the online format and his advisor was wonderful. We could reach her almost anytime by phone or email, she knew my son's situation specifically and worked with us to make sure he continued to be challenged, not overwhelmed, and right on track for college. My son has been accepted to a wonderful private college and received a large scholarship because of his outstanding gpa and SAT score. Bridgeway is fully accredited and there was no issue with my son's college(s) of choice recognizing Bridgeway and accepting his transcript from there. I could go on and on. I would absolutely choose Bridgeway Homeschool Academy again for any of my other children if needed.
Bridgeway Academy is not only an education, but an experience and a journey. As an accredited home school program, Bridgeway Academy excels in providing the course that meets a students needs. Not only do students learns differently, but they each lead a unique life; and Bridgeway advisors understand that. I chose Bridgeway because I wanted the time to pursue my passions and take rigorous courses. Bridgeway has given me that chance. Soon, I will have the opportunity to walk across an aisle with students I have never met yet feel as if I had known them for 4 years. Some of the students in the program are elite soccer players, Olympic gymnasts, talented musicians, and intelligent students raising the standards. We have all had our own adventures, created memories only homeschoolers can make. But in the end, we have all been given the chance to show a college we have a diploma and much more. I will forever be grateful for what Bridgeway Academy has done for me and my family.
Because this school is a home school, there are a limited range of clubs and organizations. From what I can tell of the few clubs there are, Student Council and Student Newspaper, they are interesting and fun to be a part of.
I would love to have more interaction with other students at this school, but I feel like that is the only thing I would change. Bridgeway Academy has great academics and I have learned so much from every class. I also like how the school is a Christian academy and holds beliefs that are very much in line with my own.
the best school I've attended.
I love Bridgeway Academy! I would study through them again if I could. They have a dual enrollment program to earn college credits. They have academic advisors ready to help you. They have a Facebook group for socializing and a student council that helps create fun activities and great experiences. And the school counselor is fun and easy to talk to. Bridgeway Academy is unique in that it is a homeschooling program that can be detailed to your specific needs. If you're in middle or high school, you can complete your work through an online program. My academic advisor is always available to answer my questions and help me with my work. She has made sure I have everything I need to graduate. I loved being a part of the student council because it gave me an opportunity to work with other students and my counselor to create some lasting memories from fundraisers, spirit week, and other school activities. Bridgeway Academy is truly an amazing and unique experience. Thank you Bridgeway!
My classes are composed of recorded videos, assignments, and tests all online, so there are no physical teachers, unless they are your parents if you're in elementary school. Our academic advisors whom guide us through all of our studies are always ready to help you. If you email a question to them, they will respond, usually within a couple of hours. Our academic advisors are knowledgable and will help you in the best way they can. Our classes are clear and concise and the homework is challenging. Every lesson is easily understood and is learned through the videos and its concepts are engrained through completing the homework assignments.
At Bridgeway Academy, guidance counselors and academic advisors are always ready to help you. There is a specific part of the website given to the students and parents when the students enroll to meet with a counselor. The counselor is always just a message away and will help you in any way he/she can. The counselor can help you with any questions regarding college prep and can guide you through the step by step process. There is more parent involvement for elementary grades because they are given materials to teach their elementary students, but even if you sign up for online studying for middle school or high school, parent involvement is always recommended.
Bridgeway Academy has a safe environment. I couldn't feel any safer at a school. Since it is an online school, a homeschool program, the studying environment is composed mainly of the students' home. For the online community of students and faculty, there is no bullying and there is often other students to converse with. Several advisors monitor the community and chat with other students, they are really like your BFFs. And the school counselor is always just a message away. You can visit the counseling corner on Bridgeway's website that is given for the students and their families. The counselor directs the student council and helps inspire new posts and activities for the community to take part in. Bridgeway Academy has a fun-filled, safe, and positive environment for students and parents alike.
Bridgeway Academy's faculty is active and want to help every student with each of their needs. They will respond to any emails you have and answer any questions you have with the best of their ability and as promptly as possible, usually within a couple of hours. There is a counseling section on Bridgeway's website for students that lets the students and/or parents get advice from the school counselor. Bridgeway Academy's counselor can also help with college advice and preparing for college. Since its an online school, there is no dress code besides what the students' parents accept. There is a strict no bullying policy and no plagiarism policy that are enforced. These policies work because in the online community for students on Facebook, there is no bullying.
Bridgeway Academy offers a student council that is administered by the school's councilor. I was the student secretary for my senior year and it was a blast! The student council helps organize school events, brainstorm ideas for new beneficial activities, and send out information to the student body. This year, we took part in the 30 Hour Famine, had a spirit week, and had a couple fundraisers for a mission trip and a girl scout Gold Award project. Bridgeway Academy works hard to supply an active and safe online community through Facebook. All of the students and advisors are friendly, helpful, and nice. Students can post and comment on posts in our school's Facebook group and get responses from other students and faculty. It is a lovely community and has no bullying problems.
You do not have to apply to Bridgeway Academy like you would to a university of higher education. You can register online and select either your courses individually or get a school year package based on your personal needs. Bridgeway Academy has an online school experience for high school and middle school students. They do offer coursework for elementary students, but it requires the student's parent(s) to teach it to them from the supplied materials and is not available per an online medium. Bridgeway Academy offers financial aid, including scholarships for military personnel. If your student is an 11th or 12th grader, they are given an opportunity to take up to four college courses per year, along with regular high school courses. Each student is assigned an academic advisor, for both online and textbook learning, who will guide you through your studies and will answer your emails and/or calls ASAP. Adults students and students with learning disabilities can also find a program that works with their needs.
The way teachers teach at Bridgeway is through videos and lessons. The teacher isn't live and it is a recording. But if you have any questions it's very easy to get a hold of a guidance counselor.
It's online so there is no real face to face interaction or cyberbullying that goes on. No one really ever communicates to each other. I was bullied extremely bad for years and that's why I began to home school. Clearly the school is very safe, I am in my own home.
Being an online school there aren't any real rules. Bridgeway does a great job sending out emails and news letters. My adviser is very good about getting back to me, she is only a phone call away. They don't check attendance unless you are behind in a class. I think it's kind of crazy we have to do "P.E." every year unlike a regular highschool. I really have no real complaints.

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