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Rendezvous with Aria's Fleet.

Acquisition Edit

Complete Citadel: Aria T'Loak.

Preparation Edit

Travel to Aria's Fleet in the Widow system, Serpent Nebula next to the Citadel to begin the mission. Once you rendezvous with the fleet, you will be heading to Omega for a rather long mission, so this is your last chance to change bonus powers, retrain abilities, etc. There will be opportunities along the way to change weapons, mods, and armor however.

When you make the rendezvous, you'll have a chance to allocate squad points to Aria; be sure to check and update her weapon loadout as well since it defaults to fairly vanilla stuff. Since she'll be your principal companion throughout your sojourn on Omega, consider which of her powers will work best with your Shepard. Your enemies include a mix of familiar Cerberus types and some new opponent types. It's perhaps worth noting for preparation purposes that both of the new enemy types are highly vulnerable to the Energy Drain/Overload/Disruptor Ammo family of powers, which also have broad application against Cerberus.

A few items worthy of particular consideration include the Shield Piercing evolution on Aria's Lash ability, which will then provide a disable against even elite Cerberus forces in addition to ripping the shields from Guardians; likewise the final evolution of her Biotic Boss passive ability will increase Shepard's health and shield bonuses. Aria's unique Flare power has interesting possibilities despite a long recharge, but you should also consider which of her abilities can help Shepard detonate power combos. You'll want to upgrade her Carnage if you're looking for tech/fire/cryo explosions; her other three powers can all help create biotic explosions, with Reave being the most versatile in that regard.

Tip: You'll find that Omega has a LOT of spare grenades lying around as you move forward. So, if your Shepard has a grenade ability, you can use it multiple times in every battle without fear of running out.

Walkthrough Edit

The Invasion of Omega Edit

Disable Defense System Edit

After you evacuate from Aria's ship in escape pods, you crash into a hangar filled with Cerberus operatives. Once you regain control of Shepard, clear the room of Cerberus Troopers and Centurions. If you haven’t already, this is a great time to allocate squad points to Aria. Be sure to pick up the two Medical Kits nearby before advancing. Once you're ready, use the panel to open the blast doors.

More Cerberus units are present inside the next room, including Guardians. Aria’s Lash ability may be useful here to players without effective control against them, as it removes their riot shields. Once you clear out this room, look across from the door at the end of the room; there are some crates next to a docked fighter where you'll find some salvage worth 3000 Credits, and an Assault Rifle High-Velocity Barrel mod. After collecting any missed items, use the door on the right to enter an elevator, which takes you to an upper level.

The next area, highlighted on screen as containing the ‘Defense System’, has a point of entry through the right of Atrium 9. Before entering look to your left to examine a computer terminal. Next, you’ll enter what appears to be a ventilation room, filled with more Cerberus troops. Cerberus Engineers are found in this area, and you should try to dispatch them before they deploy Turrets. There is a computer terminal you can examine near the right wall, close to where you entered the area.

Once cleared, Aria will call to Shepard’s attention that the room ahead needs to be pressurized. You’ll have to hold off another wave of Cerberus soldiers whilst you wait. They will enter the room from behind you at this point. There is a lot of cover for you, and it shouldn't be too hard to take them all down. Once the door’s panel turns green, you are able to carry on. Before leaving this room, there is a Med Station to the right of the door on the wall.

After walking down a hallway, where Aria and Shepard comment on the crashed escape pod, you will have to bypass the door which leads to the control room for the defense guns that are ripping Aria’s fleet apart. A short firefight will ensue, but again, there is plenty of cover and it shouldn't be too hard. Aria’s Flare will work wonders against the tightly packed enemies in this room, especially combined with a Biotic-Shepard's Power Combinations if playing on higher difficulties.

The panel in front of the holographic map needs to be deactivated for the guns to stop firing, allowing the fleet to then enter Omega. A short cutscene will play out. While General Petrovsky occupies his time with a game of chess, continue to another elevator. You get a Renegade interrupt to shoot a surveillance camera - if not taken, Shepard alerts Aria to the device, allowing her to shoot at the camera herself.

Before leaving the control room, you can find both a Med Station on the leftward wall and a Med Kit. Before entering the elevator, look up to examine the screen, showing Cerberus troops fighting the other pod's teams.

Moving on, you will be shot at immediately after the doors open, so stay on your toes. You'll find 3000 Credits in a Wall Safe on left-hand wall right as you enter, but don't be distracted by it as you will suddenly face two Assault Troopers and a Centurion attacking at fairly close range from the other side of the counter. It can get a bit grenade-y in the tight space behind the counter if you camp there, so have an exit plan ready. If Shepard carries grenades you can fight fire with fire, as Cerberus doesn't have much room to dodge them either and there is a handy grenade resupply right there on the counter. Clear out the garage, then proceed through the far door.

The Streets of Omega Edit

You emerge onto the streets of Omega to discover that Cerberus has deployed orange-colored force fields, blocking off certain areas of the station.

Before moving onward, be sure to pick up the 1500 Credits from the salvage next to the dead batarian, a Pistol Heavy Barrel mod to the left of the same corpse. Examine the terminal to activate a Cerberus VI which gives a clue as to how much Cerberus has the station locked down. Later, you will find a Med Kit in the hallway you will need to traverse to continue. Crossing over a crate, you will find more Cerberus soldiers protected by two Shield Pylons. Tip: Start developing some techniques for taking out Shield Pylons and Generators that are hidden from your direct line of fire: arranging for a nearby explosion either by arcing a grenade in or detonating a power combo will make fights like this shorter and much safer, and you'll be seeing a lot more Shield Pylons on Omega.

After taking the Cerberus troops down, another elevator awaits you. When accessing the elevator, Aria comments on the Talon graffiti on some crates. Exit the elevator into a hallway where Shepard can examine another crate marked with Talon graffiti. Nearby, you can find some salvage containing 2250 Credits. Follow the rendezvous point marker to advance.

Move ahead and turn to the right to see one of Aria's soldiers and jump down to witness a grisly scene, and a new enemy.

Rampart Mechs are synthetic foes that will try and close the distance to effectively use their shotguns. Thus, try and keep them at a distance. Powers that affect armour and synthetics can help dispatch them - and remember that as synthetics they are vulnerable to Overload, Energy Drain, and Tech Bursts even though they appear as armoured. And since you have Aria with you, you can safely unleash any type of combo explosion to eliminate large swathes of them at once. Note: When destroyed, Rampart Mech remains discharge intense heat for a short period which damages you, squad or enemies upon contact.

Finish them off then join Aria at the force field. There is a Med Kit at the far end of the hall near the force field for you to collect. Aria will then show Shepard a secret passageway with a ladder that leads into the next area. Before following down the ladder, be sure to pick up the Shotgun High-Velocity Barrel mod on the crates in the middle of this small room. There is a Med Station on the leftward wall. When ready, enter Aria's secret tunnels to gain another new squad member.

Meet Nyreen Edit

Meet Nyreen Kandros, a female turian. You can allocate points to her from the Squad menu as soon as you regain control. Tip: Because there are so many grenade pickups on Omega, leveling up Nyreen's Lift Grenade power and setting one of your shortcut keys/buttons to point to it is recommended.

Before moving on through the next door, there is some salvage with 3000 Credits and a Datapad worth 2250 Credits you can pick up, as well as the Valkyrie assault rifle if you don't already own it through pre-order bonuses. Bypass the door ahead to continue. There will be a weapons bench against the wall to your right. It is advised to use the feature to upgrade or swap out Nyreen's weapons, as she will have started with the most mundane of gear. If you forgot to swap out Aria's weapons at the beginning, you can also do so now.

Aria's Cannons Edit

Move ahead down the tunnel, and then use the ladder to get to the upper level. Before rushing through into battle be sure to use the Med Station, that is obscured by the fire near the window opening you can then use to jump onto the balcony below. There will be a large amount of Cerberus infantry on the balcony in front of you. Rampart mechs and even an Atlas will be present. It’s easier to take care of the weaker enemies before concentrating on the Atlas. Once you clear out the first wave, more enemies will jump down. There is a Med Station (on the inner wall of some bar at the left) and two Med Kits (one near the Med Station at the bar and other right on the other side of the battleground), so be sure to grab them before moving forward.

Tip: You can actually shoot through the windows of the small room with the fire. Take out the Atlas from here. Then, if you have a sniper rifle, hop out the window and take cover behind the farthest crate on the left (away from the bridge and cannons) or up on one of the elevated areas across from the window opening. This way no one can flank you while you snipe. Keep your squadmates down low to take care of any enemies that you miss. Their powers really come in handy in this fight. There are also ammo piles on the elevated areas.

Aria's lieutenant, Bray, will point out a target for you. The target is a Cerberus Engineer who is jamming the cannon controls. Concentrate on the other troops before you take him out, because as soon as you do, another Atlas will deploy in front of the cannon controls. Second target is the cannon controls itself. Once you activate it the cutscene will follow, finishing the fight and relocating your squad to the Aria's Bunker, so be sure to grab everything you need beforehand. This may be the quickest way to finish the battle (no need to deal with the Atlas or the other troops) if you have already grabbed everything you need, though it might be easier to deal with the Atlas first to search the place without disturbance.

Note: Your allies will be firing across the bridge inaccurately. Their shots will not damage you.

Aria's Bunker Edit

Inside Aria's Bunker, Aria leaves you to your own devices and says to meet her in the control room to discuss the next leg of the mission. Take this time to acquire two side missions, Omega: Assist the Hacker and Omega: Assist the Mechanic, both of which can be completed in the next mission area. You can also make use of the weapon bench and armor locker in a corner of the room to prepare.

Once ready, speak to Aria. She wants to recruit the Talons to her cause, so she needs to locate their leader. Aria is informed by Bray that Nyreen has vanished from the bunker, but chooses to forge ahead with the mission. You can now exit the bunker via the door Aria pointed out to progress, or continue preparing and acquiring side missions. Speaking to Aria again will provide new dialogue options that shed some light on her state of mind, her past with Nyreen, her thoughts on General Petrovsky and the state of the liberation campaign.

Access the unlocked door when ready.

Talon Territory Edit

After the cutscenes, head down the corridor and examine the crates for discussion of the Talons and red sand. You'll learn that Aria believes a turian by the name of 'Derius' is their leader. Head right across the gap and up the ladder to find a datapad (1500 credits) to the left before the stairs.

On the right after the stairs you will find the first hacker terminal and a lift control. The lift is jammed until you shoot the explosive crates on it. Head back down to the now functional lift and use it to get the Assault Rifle High-Velocity Barrel, then return to use the airlock control to access the vents and continue towards Talon territory. (Note: you can also simply climb over the crates next to the mod you just found and end up in the same vent.)

A datapad (1500 credits) can be found straight ahead soon after Ahz patches you in to Cerberus comms. Examine the control switch and terminal, which you'll find will not work without power. A datapad with a mission report is to the right of the terminal. Reactivate the generator to operate the terminal, which is not one of the three hacker terminals, and open the air seal to continue.

After you go down the ladder outside the vents, you will find salvage on the left behind some crates (1500 credits). At the bottom of the stairs, you'll find another salvage (1500 credits). Open the door and head down the stairs into a fight with centurions, assault troopers, a combat engineer, and a shield pylon in the far right of the room. The second hacker terminal is in the right corner of the room, when facing the windows with Omega's skyline.

Rescue Talons Edit

An assault trooper will be standing with his back to you when you open the door, and an engineer waits in the adjacent room. Take them out and deactivate the lockdown in the next room. A datapad (1500 credits) is in the right corner of the lockdown control room. A medical station is on the left wall of the corridor.

Releasing the lockdown opens the elevator door on the far side of the main room, letting out some Rampart Mechs and a Guardian. A perfect time for a grenade or a fire/biotic explosion! Taking out the mechs while all three are in the elevator may set the guardian on fire. Revive the downed Talon in the other room for some exp and then access the hacker terminal behind him. Enter the elevator once you're done.

As you head down the corridor, assault troopers and more Rampart Mechs will run into the corridor from the landing pad. Take them out before taking cover behind the door frame, because a charging mech, an Assault Trooper, a Combat Engineer, and a deployed turret await. You may want to take out the shield pylons at the middle and far end of the landing pad before you finish killing off the enemies here, because as soon as the last one falls a shuttle flies in to drop another wave of Rampart Mechs, Troopers and Combat Engineers, followed by a wave of Centurions, Troopers, and another Engineer. A good way of dealing with them is to use Aria's Flare on them as soon as the shuttle's door opens, and they're still huddled together.

There's a Med Station on the left wall of the area before the first landing pad, and a med kit is found at the lower landing pad drop point. Two more downed Talons are to either side of the destroyed shuttle on the lower landing pad, go revive them for more exp. Then head down the stairs and bypass the door.

Nyreen Returns Edit

A short, but revealing, cutscene is given of some Cerberus goons trying to interrogate Talon mercenaries, and Nyreen, hoodless, rescuing them in style.

She is revealed to be the real leader of the Talons. Whatever your reasons for being in Talon territory, the answer is no. Or so Nyreen claims, because whatever you reply to her, she'll be convinced to rejoin you and Aria once more.

After you regain control, you'll be facing the exit. There's a Shotgun High-Velocity Barrel, and a datapad (1500 credits) to grab in the room. Right near the exit there is a Phaeston (provided you don't already have it) next to a med station and a bunch of ammo clips. If you leveled up fighting all those Cerberus goons it might be a good time to bring you and your squad's skills up to speed. When you're ready, go through the doors and take the elevator up.

As you enter the open area ahead, Rampart Mechs will start streaming in through the red forcefield to your left, next to two shield pylons. If you have a gun with a decent scope, it may be worth your time to take out the pylons while you're still near the elevator. Once you're down to only one Rampart Mech, an Atlas will show up. Remember that Nyreen has Overload and it's useful against the shields. Not to mention there are two Hydra Missile Launchers in the center of the area, one near the left barrier and the other on the stack of crates towards the right. Deploy them as needed. Tip: Save one of the Hydras for later, as it may come in handy on the upcoming battle at the outpost catwalk.

Afterwards, salvage (1500 credits) on the right side of the room just before a jumpable gap, and a med kit on the right in the open area under the burning shuttle. One more med kit is on the left near the entry point close to the burning fire. Head through the far doors to the elevator.

Your ride is cut short when Cerberus cuts the power. You'll see a "health" meter for the latch: shoot it to open emergency access and drop a ladder into the elevator. If you took a missile launcher with you, you'll need to drop it (just switch weapons) to shoot the latch, then pick it up off the floor again. Note: Do not drop the missile launcher prior to the blackout, as it will disappear. Grab the datapad (1500 credits) off the catwalks before descending the ladders in the elevator shaft until you reach the door.

The Catwalks Edit

There will be a med kit immediately on your right as you exit onto the catwalks leading directly to the Talon outpost entrance. There's also some salvage (1500 credits) in front of the burning gap in the catwalks. A shuttle will drop off Cerberus troops behind a smokescreen on the catwalks, followed by two Phantoms, then Centurions, Troopers, and some Nemeses. The Hydra missile launcher from earlier will come in handy to quickly end the fight against the Phantoms. Tip: Don't fire your missile launcher at the first sign of Cerberus - the Phantoms drop in from above a bit after the first shuttle of enemies arrive, so save the missile for them. Again, just switch weapons and the Hydra will drop at your feet for retrieval when you need it.

Warning: Vanguards will find it prudent to limit usage of Biotic Charge in this section as executing it improperly WILL cause Shepard to die even with full health and shields. See Bugs section below.

There's a Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope on the right-side catwalk near an ammo pile. Pick it up then examine the door at the end to start a continuous wave of Centurions and Troopers dropping down to the catwalks from a bridge above. Tip:Before starting to open the door, turn around and look up at the floor above you, where you will be able to shoot out a shield pylon. There's another one hidden up there on the right as well - you can decide if it's worth lobbing a grenade in.

Cerberus troops will continue to spawn while the door bypass continues. Towards the end, Nyreen will comment that they've hacked the bridge controls, which will prevent two Atlases from dropping into the fight, although they can still shoot you for a while before the bridge closes off.

Talon Outpost Edit

Head in through the doors, grab the med kit, then take the elevator to enter the Talon Outpost. After regaining control, there is a Shotgun Omni-Blade immediately on your right. If you revived the Talon in the lockdown room earlier, he will say thanks, and you can overhear more about Adjutants near him. To your left, behind some boxes where a salarian and a turian are discussing medical supplies, you'll find the Kehri Inverter that the mechanic is looking for. A datapad with a scout report is near Nyreen.

Location:Milky Way / Omega Nebula / Sahrabarik

Description Edit

Built in the mined-out husk of a metallic asteroid, Omega has been a haven for criminals, terrorists, and malcontents for thousands of years. At times, the station has lain idle and abandoned for centuries, only to be reactivated by a new group of outlaws seeking a fresh start. The space station's original elegant design has given way to haphazard expansion by scrabbling factions of every species. There is no central government or unifying authority on Omega, and nobody can recall a time there ever was one.

  • Population: 7.8 million
  • Orbital Distance: 2.43 AU
  • Orbital Period: 6.9 Earth Years
  • Total Length: 44.7 Km

Codex EntryEdit

Originally an asteroid rich in element zero, Omega was briefly mined by the Protheans, who eventually abandoned it due to its thick, impenetrable crust. Thousands of years later, nature did what even the Protheans could not: a collision with another asteroid broke Omega in half, exposing its trove of element zero for easy mining.

A rush ensued as corporations and private individuals tried to strike it rich on Omega, and thieves and outlaws followed in their wake. As space became tight, construction of processing facilities extended vertically from the asteroid, creating Omega's jellyfish-like silhouette. To prevent future collisions, the station is ringed with enormous mass-effect field generators that redirect incoming debris.

Today, Omega is a major hub of narcotics, weapons, and eezo trafficking without even a pretense of civilian government or military control. Only mercenary groups have been able to instill a limited order; the most ruthless is an asari syndicate run by the notorious Aria T'Loak.

History Edit

Omega is described as "the Terminus Systems' dark, twisted counterpart to the Citadel." It is a huge mining station built from the remains of a massive, irregularly shaped asteroid with twisting streets populated with homes, shops and warehouses. Omega's inhabitants are usually lawless. Territory is controlled by the strongest faction in that area and frequently changes hands, often after brutal violence. The station's current "de facto" ruler is Aria T'Loak. As of 2185, Omega has a population of 7.8 million people, composed of various different species. The station's major export is element zero.[1]

The earliest known ruler of Omega was a turian; he controlled the station until he was killed by a krogan crimelord who ate his heart and wore his skull on his armor. The krogan reigned over Omega undisputed for a time until around the 1980s CE, when Aria T'Loak, once one of his most trusted lieutenants, defeated him in single combat and usurped him.

The heavy-metal-rich core of the original asteroid was mined until the asteroid was almost completely hollow, providing the initial resources used to construct Omega's buildings and facilities. Over the years, these have been expanded until they completely cover every exposed inch of its surface, making Omega a bizarre mishmash of architecture and technology. The station is home to dozens of species, including batarians, vorcha, and Lysthenisalarians, as well as many other species not welcome in Citadel space.

While humans refer to it as Omega, the asari name for it translates as "the heart of evil", the salarian name as "the place of secrets", the turian name as "the world without law", and the krogan name it as the "land of opportunity", clearly reflecting their cultural attitudes towards the society within Omega.

Mass Effect: Ascension Edit

Cerberus controls a large warehouse and smuggling operation at Omega in 2183, led by Pel, a Cerberus operative. Pel finally betrays Cerberus, leading to the deaths of all of his team, and there has been no word about the warehouse since.

Mass Effect: Redemption Edit

Liara T'Soni hitches a ride to Omega on a batarian freighter in order to meet an informant with news of the then-missing Commander Shepard. Liara learns from Aria that Shepard's body is being taken to the station's lower levels, at an old mining processing plant, as part of a transaction between the Blue Suns and the Shadow Broker. A brief scuffle at the area ensues over possession of Shepard's body, resulting in explosions, moderate fire damage, and a lot of mercenary casualties.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

In 2185, Commander Shepard travels to Omega to recruit Mordin Solus, Garrus Vakarian, and Zaeed Massani. At the time, a plague is ravaging Omega's populace, killing dozens of people from various races but mysteriously sparing humans. Elsewhere, a vigilante called "Archangel" has been cornered at his base by Omega's three dominant mercenary factions: the Blue Suns, Eclipse, and Blood Pack.

Shepard meets with Mordin Solus, a salarian scientist and former STG operative who runs a clinic in one of Omega's slums. The plague is revealed to have been caused by the vorcha, who aligned with the Collectors in order to take over the station. Using a cure for the plague developed by Mordin, Shepard stops the outbreak and foils the vorcha scheme.

Shepard later signs on with the Blue Suns as a freelancer in order to help the besieged Archangel. After taking a Blue Suns advance force by surprise and discovering Archangel is actually Garrus Vakarian, Shepard and Garrus fight off the last waves of the merc attack and escape. News reports after the fact indicate that the merc groups covered up their defeat, and claim that Archangel had been killed. During the course of the mission, Shepard also learns that the three merc groups planned to try and topple Aria's regime after getting rid of Archangel. Shepard can pass this information on to Aria, who can be found on a balcony overlooking Afterlife.

Mass Effect: Retribution Edit

In 2186, Paul Grayson lives on Omega and works for Aria T'Loak as an enforcer under the alias "Paul Johnson". Grayson gradually gains Aria's trust through the efforts of her daughter, Liselle, who has become Grayson's lover. Grayson, Liselle, and more of Aria's enforcers ambush a group of turians belonging to the growing Talons mercenary group and take red sand which the Talons had been smuggling on the side.

Later, after being implanted with Reaper technology, Grayson returns to Omega to meet with Kahlee Sanders, which turns out to be a trap ultimately set by the Illusive Man and permitted by Aria, who thinks Grayson killed Liselle and wants revenge. Grayson is wounded in the attack but manages to escape Omega.

Mass Effect: Invasion Edit

Omega comes under attack as Reaper creatures called Adjutants break loose from Cerberus's research bases beyond the Omega 4 Relay and invade the station. A Cerberus fleet led by General Oleg Petrovsky and Colonel Raymond Ashe arrives and helps eliminate the Adjutants. The Adjutant attack turns out to be only a prelude to an attempt by Cerberus to conquer the station and secure exclusive access to the Omega 4 Relay and its treasure trove of Reaper technology. Aria unites Omega's warring gangs to fight against the Cerberus occupation force, but General Petrovsky outsmarts her by taking the entire station hostage and threatening to destroy it level-by-level. Aria surrenders and accepts exile. Cerberus proceeds to take control of Omega, furthering the Illusive Man's plans to counter the Reapers.

Mass Effect 3: Omega Edit

The occupation of Omega gave Cerberus a huge strategic advantage during the Reaper invasion of 2186, bolstering their mobility throughout the Galaxy. Cerberus would overuse the mining facilities of Omega, pushing the mining equipment of the asteroid to its limits. Cerberus had difficulties maintaining the occupation, however. The Talons gang led by Nyreen Kandros is one of those groups still able to resist the occupation. In order to contain the civilian population, General Oleg Petrovsky erected large energy-intensive force fields throughout the station along with a large number of mechs and troops to maintain order.

Cerberus also conducted experiments with the Reaper-based adjutants in Omega. Initially this proved to be disaster. Large sections of Omega had to be shut down and sealed at a great cost of lives to contain outbreaks of uncontrolled Adjutants. Further experimentation would give Cerberus a full control of these creatures.

Aria begins her campaign to liberate Omega from Cerberus, having enlisted Commander Shepard in the process. Traveling aboard a captured Cerberus cruiser in order to infiltrate the Cerberus fleet surrounding the station, Aria opens her attack with a crippling blow to the fleet's flagship as her own fleet charges in via mass relay. The tables are soon turned, however, as Petrovsky reveals Omega's upgraded defenses by proceeding to inflict heavy damage on her fleet.

The initial invasion force lands on the station in escape pods. Aria and Shepard first disable Omega's defenses in order to give the invading fleet a chance. Later, with the help of Nyreen Kandros, they fight their way to Aria's Bunker on Omega's D-Deck, where Aria decides that in order to get to Petrovsky's command center in Afterlife, she needs to rally the Talons gang to her cause to supplement her ground forces, and disable the force fields that Cerberus has set up.

Cerberus is siphoning power for the force fields from one of Omega's main reactors deep within its mines. As access to it is mostly cut off by the force fields, Aria devises a plan to go through a powered-down eezo processing plant. Navigating the mines, Aria notices the machinery's overworked condition and estimates a month before they give out if the current trend continues.

Aria and company eventually reach an elevator to the reactor's back door, although General Petrovsky traps the squad in more force fields in anticipation of the move. Aria is not to be outdone, and forcibly opens a hole in the barrier for Shepard to pass through and disable the reactor.

Petrovsky dishes out another difficult dilemma at the turn of events: immediately shutting down the reactor will cause loss of life support in a lot of Omega's areas, which translates to loss of civilian lives. Taking the time to reroute the power increases the chance of Aria and Nyreen dying as they're still holding their own against endless waves of mechs in the trap. Regardless of choice Shepard disables the reactor and ends the forced internal blockades.

With the Talons recruited, the populace incited, and the force fields down, the true war for Omega begins as the civilians revolt against Cerberus. Aria and Shepard prevent Cerberus from destroying Omega by blowing up the station's central support column, then join in the offensive to Afterlife from the Gozu District. Nyreen, who had been leading a separate assault with her Talons, sacrifices herself to kill a group of rogue Adjutants. Enraged at Nyreen's loss, Aria charges into Afterlife ahead of Shepard.

Afterlife has been repurposed by Petrovsky in the course of making it his base of operations: the General traps Aria in a stasis field at the center of the establishment, powered by generators positioned at the corners. Shepard breaks her out and defeats all the Cerberus forces in Afterlife.

Defeated, Petrovsky surrenders himself and orders his troops to stand down, but Aria and Shepard decide whether he should be spared or executed on the spot. With Omega hers to rule once more, Aria announces its liberation to the citizenry, and vows to never lose the station again.

Districts Edit

Omega is divided into several districts. Known districts include:

  • Carrd District - A district controlled by the elcor. An ongoing war between volus and batarians in a neighboring district in 2183 forced merchants and customers alike to move their business over to the relative stability of this district.
  • Doru District - A district located near several vital Omega utility systems, including a water treatment facility, the main ventilation system, and the station's central support column. Cerberus fortified the area during their occupation in 2186.
  • Fumi District - A district the Talonsraided to free civilians during the Cerberus occupation of Omega in 2186.[2][3]
  • Gozu District - A residential area in the lower levels of Omega accessible by shuttle, notable for being the location of the Omega Clinic. Once policed by the Blue Suns, the district fell into chaos after being quarantined to prevent the spread of an unknown plague in 2185.
  • Kenzo District - A district where Garm and the Blood Pack were allegedly carrying out a large gun running operation in 2185. This turned out to be a ruse set up by Sidonis for Archangel so that Omega's gangs could attack Archangel's hideout.
  • Kima District - Another residential area that borders Gozu District. The vigilante Archangel and his team occupied a building in Kima District in 2185 where they were cornered by the Blue Suns, Eclipse, and Blood Pack.
  • Tuhi District - A commercial area filled with shops and businesses, including Tuhi District Storage, that is located near Aria's Bunker. Cerberus fortified this area during their occupation in 2186.
  • Zeta District - A district where Cerberus deployedRampart Mechs during their occupation in 2186.[2][3]

Missions Edit

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Mass Effect 3 Edit

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