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Durrington High Homework Assignments

Students at Durrington High School are encouraged to take a very active role in our school and there is tough competition for these important leadership roles. We have recently appointed Alastair Lee and Love Onwuzuruike as our Head Boy and Head Girl; in addition Year 11 prefects and learning mentors have also been added to each company team. Eight Year 10 students from each company have also been given the role of prefect to support our ever growing student leadership team.

The senior student body is led by the Head Boy and Head Girl of the school and they meet once a week with Mrs Hedger, Company Leader of Coubertin and Mrs Dedman, Company Leader of Roddick. The group works to coordinate a wide range of activities and the senior students are also the ambassadors for the whole school.

Student Leadership Team 

Hello, my name is Love Onwuzuruike and it is a privilege to be your new Head Girl for this 2017/18 academic year. I consider myself to be an agile learner and I can assure you that Durrington High School has (thankfully) pushed me further than I thought I could go. I also really enjoy sports and love the art of music. I believe I am a resilient and enthusiastic person who is motivated by goal attainment and hope that it will be evident in all I do this year. The Student Leadership and I will strive to fulfil what is necessary as well as taking on board new ideas in order to make our school even better than it already.

Hello I’m Alastair Lee and I am the new Head Boy at Durrington High School. I mainly enjoy sport and my favourite subjects at school are P.E, Maths and Science. In my time as Head Boy I will promote extra-curricular activities. I feel this increases knowledge and builds self-esteem which gives students more confidence. This allows students to find new skills and abilities or increase ones they already have. Another area that is important to me is the school’s new “Be Kind Campaign”. This makes sure that students are being recognised by staff and their peers when they are being kind or helping others which will make the Durrington High School community a more kind and caring one.

Hello my name is Yasmine Henson and I am one of your new Deputy Head Girls. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the leadership team and hope this year, by collaborating together, we can make the school even better. I would like to increase the variety of extra-curricular activities and I will work very hard with the rest of the student leadership team to make sure that the student voice is heard and acted upon.

My name is Annie Light and I am one of Durrington High School’s Deputy Head Girls. My aim is to make sure everybody gets the most out of the school and takes every opportunity they can. I don’t want to leave DHS feeling like I haven’t given something back to the school, so I will continue to make sure I work as hard as possible for staff and students.

Hello, I am Isobel Thomas and I have been appointed as one of the new Deputy Head Girls here at Durrington and would love to make a difference to our students’ schooling life. I have represented the school in Rock Challenge as well as enjoying being part of the summer productions such as West End and Beauty and the Beast. I have also been a leader at Brownies for a few years now giving me responsibility and reliability skills which are important for the student leadership team. As Deputy Head Girl I will ensure all suggestions are passed on and queries are seen to and dealt with.

Hello, my name is Teagan Cornell and I am one of your Deputy Head Girls here at Durrington High School. My hobbies include horse riding, volunteering, listening to music, and occasionally socialising.  This year, I want to be the voice for those who feel like they do not have one, for those who feel different or those who are waiting for the chance like I was.  I am kind, compassionate, hardworking and I work well in a team. I will support the Head Boy and Head Girl to the best of my ability. As this is my last year at Durrington, I wish to make it the best, not only for me, but for the whole school.

Hello, my name is Eve McKernan and I’m one of the Deputy Head Girls here at Durrington High School. Over the next year I would like to help improve the pupils’ school life and support the Head Boy and Head Girl in the decisions they make. I would also like to help add more diverse extra-curricular activities. I am a positive and hard-working member of the DHS community and I am looking forward to my time in the role.

Hello my name is Rachel Usher, I am part of the Roddick Company and one of the Deputy Head Girls at DHS. I enjoy kayaking, textiles, playing hockey and reading. There are many exciting projects and ideas that the student leadership team hope to introduce this year; I am dedicated to ensure that these projects benefit all of the students at Durrington High School. I hope that because there are so many of us in the team, we can assist the students’ school life as much as possible.’

Hello my name is Eva Grace and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls at Durrington High School. I am kind and helpful and approachable. I have a passion for dance and ballet, which has taught me hard work and determination. I hope to bring these qualities to my role as part of the student leadership team. Working together we can make our school an amazing place to be.

Hello my name is James Walker and I am one of the new Deputy Head Boys here at Durrington High School. I am part of Coubertin company and I enjoy music and football. I am an approachable and hardworking student who is looking forward to working alongside the other members of the student leadership team this year.

Hello my name’s Lynnyrd Tracey and I am a Deputy Head Boy at Durrington High School. I really enjoy music, drama and just having a fun time. I take part in the school productions such as West End and choir . I feel that I am approachable and can show responsibility and kindness towards my peers. As a hard working person I can bring the student voice to the team and help to make the school an enjoyable place to be for all students. I look forward to working with the Durrington team.


Other student leadership roles within the school include:

Year 10 and 11 Prefects
Prefects are expected to represent the school at events throughout the year. They provide tours around the school for both parents / carers and potential staff. They are also responsible for completing a duty once a week which will either be in the canteen or the Pavilion. Prefects also lead assemblies for their companies.
Member of staff overseeing students: Mrs J Hedger and Mrs S Dedman

Reading leaders
Reading leaders read with students from Year 7 and 8 during DEAR time. They will also help students to choose books in the LRA and will be given training in supporting and promoting reading. They will give feedback on progress and help to develop resources/choose books for the LRA.
Members of staff overseeing students: Ms B Norman and Mrs S Baker

Student Librarians
Student Librarians oversee issuing books to students and assist in other administration tasks in the Learning Resource Area.
Member of staff overseeing students: Mrs S Baker

Subject Ambassadors
Each subject area appoints students to help and support within curriculum areas. This could be anything from leading extracurricular clubs to duties in department areas at break and lunchtimes; to ensuring resources in departments are looked after and helping to develop the curriculum.
Members of staff overseeing students: Curriculum Leaders

Sport Captains
Sport Captains help within the PE department running after school clubs. They oversee equipment within the department and are all experts within their chosen area of sport. Every week they read out the sporting success in assemblies.
Members of staff overseeing students: The PE department

Peer Mentors
These mentors work with students in Key Stage 3 offering support during the transition period and throughout the year, leading workshops within form times.
Members of staff overseeing students: Mrs D Benn and Mrs M Gardner


Senior Student Leadership Team application forms for 2017 / 2018 can be downloaded on the link below.

Head Boy Head Girl application 2016Prefect application 16

Prefect application 16


Durrington TeachMeet





Thursday 22nd June 2017, 5.00pm-8.30pm


Durrington High School, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 1JX





Sponsored by:









During the interval there will be a free prize draw for all attendees - with a wide range of fantastic prizes, thanks to our sponsors!



We are delighted to announce that our

Key Note speaker will be Bill Watkin. 


Bill was the Operational Director at the SSAT, but has recently taken up a new role as the Chief Executive of the Sixth Form College Association (SFCA).  If you haven't heard Bill speak before, you are in for a treat!  With an extensive knowledge of the national landscape of schools, Bill always gives a well-informed, intelligent and often wry perspective on the current  educational world.


Read more about Bill here.



"This is going to sound really cheesy, but life is a wonderful tapestry of adventures and it has elements of comedy and tragedy running through it. The important thing is to make sure that whatever comes your way you find the time for some stillness, for some humour and for some love, and that you value the here and now without investing too much in the past and the future."


- Bill Watkin, December 2016.




What is a TeachMeet?


A TeachMeet is a free, informal conference for teachers, by teachers. It consists of a programme of micro-presentations, each one being no longer than 7 minutes.


It is about hearing stories about learning, from teachers. This is not an event to present about a product or theory - this is a chance for teachers from all types of establishments to hear ideas from each other. Real narratives of practice that make a difference. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and a whole bucket load of networking to boot! Whether you just want to attend, or are keen to share your ideas by doing a presentation, everyone is welcome.


This video explains what TeachMeets are all about.


A review of the previous DHS TeachMeets can be viewed here.




Contact: Shaun Allison – sallison@durring.com or via Twitter @shaun_allison


How to add yourself to this page.

If you want to sign up/register that you are coming by editing this page directly- follow the steps below!


  1. Click the EDIT tab at the top of this page - you'll be prompted to login.
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    1. create a PBwiki account, which is quick and simple, and login; or
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  6. That's it!



Attendance List (please include school, email address and TWITTER address):


Once you've signed up - SPREAD THE WORD - get other colleagues from your school to come along!


1. Shaun Allison, DHS, sallison@durring.com @shaun_allison

2. Mark Enser, Heathfield CC, menser@heathfieldcc.co.uk @EnserMark

3. Zoe Enser, Seahaven, Enserz@seahavenacademy.org.uk

4.Helen Davis @ Tigercrawl 

5. Scott Swift, Worthing High School, @swiftwhs

6. Louisa Loney, Worthing High School

7. Chris Runeckles, DHS, cruneckles@durring.com @chris_runeckes


9. Matt Davis, DHS, mdavis@durring.com @mrdavismfl

10. Kelly Heane, DHS

11. Ella Davies, DHS

12. Kate Blight, DHS

13. John Lamb, DHS

14. David Rogers

15. Leah Sharp, Manor Field Primary School, @Leah_Moo

16. Sam Atkins, DHS, satkins@durring.com @SGAphotograph

17. Julie House DHS jhouse8@durring.com @math_dance_net

18. Emma Hawkley, Heathfield CC, ehawkley@heathfieldcc.co.uk, @mssuperscience 

19. Jason Ramasami, DHS jramasami@durring.com, @jasonramasami

20. Lianne Allison, The Angmering School, lallison@theangmeringschool.co.uk

21. Cherie Sykes, The Angmering School, csykes@theangmeringschool.co.uk

22. Emma Prince, Worthing College, e.prince@worthing.ac.uk  Twitter: EmmaPrince@EnglishWorthing 

23. Louisa Wilson, Worthing College, l.wilson@worthing.ac.uk, @LWilsonMaths

24.Grainne Byrd, Chatsmore Catholic High School,@ByrdGrainne

25. Humberto Gonzalez, Chatsmore Catholic High School, hgonzalez@chathigh.co.uk

26. Mary Wild, Chatsmore Catholic High School, mwild@chathigh.co.uk, @MaryWild

27. Richard Challinor, Chatsmore Catholic High School, rchallinor@charhigh.co.uk

28. Rhian Kavanagh, Seahaven Academy, kavanaghr@seahavenacademy.org.uk @RhiKavok

29. Caroline Riggs, The Angmering School, criggs@theangmeringschool.co.uk

30 Vicky Scales, The Angmering School, vscales@theangmeringschool.co.uk

31 Rachel Corcoran-Daldy, St Andrew's High School for Boys, daldyr@st-andrews-boys.org.uk, @rcdbazinga

32 Wendy Jones, St Andrew's High School for Boys, jonesw@st-andrews-boys.org.uk

33. Jamie Redmayne, St Wilfrid's Catholic School, J.Redmayne@stwilfrids.com

34. Leanne Kelly, Angmering, lkelly@theangmeringschool.co.uk

35. Mrs Estera Emmerson, The Angmering School,eemmerson@theangmeringschool.co.uk 

36. Jenni Nicholls, St Andrew's High School for Boys, nichollsj@st-andrews-boys.org.uk @standyDT

37. Richard Shakespeare, Davison CE High School for Girls. r.shakespeare@davisonhigh.school

38. Hayley Matthews, TLA hmatthews@tla.woodard.co.uk

39. Ola Kargbo-Reffell, Seahaven Academy, kargboreffello@seahavenacademy.org.uk

40. Kate elworthy, davison ce high school for girls. K.elworthy@davisonhigh.school

41. Catherine Burgess, Davison, C.burgess@davison.w-sussex.sch.uk

42. Paul Jackson, Angmering, pjackson@theangmeringschool.co.uk

43. Marie Stewart, St Andrews, stewartm@st-andrews-boys.org.uk

44. Kate Chipperfield, St Andrew's CE High School for Boys, chipperfieldk@st-andrews-boys.org.uk twitter: @KateChip1

45. Rob Devo, TLA, rdevo@tla.woodard.co.uk.

46. Alexandra Peacock afp17@uni.brighton.ac.uk  @alexandrafaye94

48. Pauline Gaston, Oathall CC pgaston@oathall.org @PaulineMGaston

49. Louise Elliott, l.elliott5@uni.brighton.ac.uk

50. Cindy Hunt, Davison CE High School, c.hunt@davisonhigh.school @CindyHunt66

51. Janice Eldridge, j.eldridge@davison.w-sussex.sch.uk

52. SanSan Pang, St Andrews High School for Boys, pangs@st-andrews-boys.org.uk Twitter: @StAndrewsHums

53. Sarah Gifford, St Andrews High School for Boys, giffords@st-andrews-boys.org.uk

54. Richard May, St Andrews High School for Boys, mayr@st-andrews-boys.org.uk

55. Harriet Goss, Davison, h.goss@davison.w-sussex.sch.uk

56. Lou Hurst, TLA, lhurst@tla.woodard.co.uk

57. Hazel Ostler, TLA, hostler@tla.woodard.co.uk

58. Kelly Chapman, TLA, kchapman@tla.woodard.co.uk

59. Tod Brennan, DHS, tbrennan@durring.com, @TodBrennanEng

60. Ian Canavan, DHS, icanavan@durring.com

61. Johnie Davies, Seahaven Academy, daviesj@seahavenacademy.org.uk 

62. Ben Crockett, Durrington High School, bcrockett@durring.com @BenCrockett1

63. Holly Billinghurst, Steyning Grammar School, hbillinghurst@sgs.uk.net @SGS_Computing 

64. Lance Finn, NESCOT, lfinn@nescott.ac.uk

65. Colette Barry, Angmering, cbarry@theangmeringschool.co.uk

66. Lucy Fisher, Davison

67. Luke Sidwell, South Downs SCITT, lsidwell@thesouthdownsscitt.co.uk @SidwellPE

68. Jane Hardy, Shoreham Academy, jane.hardy@shoreham-academy.org

69. Eun-Ji Kang, Shoreham Academy, eun-ji.kang@shoreham-academy.org

70. Victoria Read, St Andrews, readv@st-andrews-boys.org.uk

71. Brian Marsh, University of Brighton, b.marsh@brighton.ac.uk, @brianmarsh52

72. Jayne Lewis, Seahaven Acedmy, lewis@seahavenacademy.org.uk

73. Jo Caswell, Littlehampton, JCaswell@tla.woodard.co.uk

74. Marianne Messent, Shoreham, Marianne.Messent@shoreham-academy.org

75. Sarah Montanheiro, Shoreham

76. William Tromans, Shoreham

77. Rosalind Tingle, TLA, rtingle@tla.woodard.co.uk

78. Pete Gwynn, The Angmering School, pgwynn@theangmeringschool.co.uk 

79. Erica Baguley, The Littlehampton Academy, ebaguley@tla.woodard.co.uk

80. Kerray Rawlinson, The Littlehampton Academy, krawlinson@tla.woodard.co.uk

81. Alison Cousens, BHASVIC, @MediaBHASVIC 

82. Kerry-Lee Haylett, The Littlehampton Academy, khaylett@tla.woodard.co.uk

83. Martha Boyne, The Angmering School, mboyne@theangmeringschool.co.uk, @thrive_teach

84. Emily Clements, The Angmering School, eclements@theangmeringschool.co.uk, @thrive_teach

85. Ben Wright, St Paul's Catholic College, bwright@stpaulscc.co.uk, @thrive_teach

86. Emily Quinn. Davison CE High School for Girls, e.quinn@davisonhigh.school 

87. Sandra Knights Varndean School sandraknights@varndean.co.uk  @sandknights143

88. Shelley Baker Varndean School shelleybaker@varndean,co.uk   @MrsSJBaker

89. Elise James Varndean School elisejames@varndean.co.uk 

90. Francesca Timms     Bohunt School Worthing      ftimms@bohuntworthing.com

91. Sarah Nathaniel Hazelwick School, Crawley. snathaniel@hazelwick.org.uk

92. Daniel Harvey JHNCC dharvey@jhncc.org 

93. Sara Kemp, The Vyne School, @saraliankemp, s.kemp@vyne.hants.sch.uk

94. Jeni Loud, Lord Wandsworth College, loudj@lordwandsworth.org

95.Margaret Ellwood, Lord Wandsworth College, sencoassist@lordwandsworth.org

96. James Rayment, Varndean jamesrayment@varndean.co.uk, @OntheRQT 

97. Karen Nanson, University of Chichester K.Nanson@chi.ac.uk

98. Jeremy Smith University of Chichester J.Smith@chi.ac.uk

99. Jim Clarke, Shoreham Academy, Jim.Clarke@shoreham-academy.org

100. Kieran Felton, Shoreham Academy, Kieran.Felton@shoreham-academy.org

101. Matt McKee, Shoreham Academy, matthew.mckee@shoreham-academy.org, @Matt_McKeeSA

102. Dawn Denyer St Wilfrid's Catholic School. d.denyer@stwilfrids.com   @mrsdenyer

103. Amy Goodwin, Sir Robert Woodard Academy, agoodwin@srwa.co.uk

104. Alex Mohammed, DHS,amohammed@durring.com

105. Stacey Corken, Varndean, staceycorken@varndean.co.uk

106. Grace Hawkins, Varndean, gracehawkins@varndean.co.uk

107. Liz Wilson, Varndean School, lizwilson@varndean.co.uk

108. Anna Ward, The Angmering School, award@theangmeringschool.co.uk

109. Emma Hughes The Angmering School ehughes@theangmeringschool.co.uk, @emmabradielove

110. Kimberley Whitcombe   KWhitcombe@tla.woodard.co.uk

111. Darren Kirby -Chatsmore Catholic High School dkirby@chathigh.co.uk

112. Becky Owen - Durrington High school rowen33@durring.com

113. Mariea Christodoulou, Seahaven Academy, christodouloum@seahavenacademy.org.uk

114. Aja Cortizo - Glyn School Disappearing Teacher@AjaCortizo    

115. Oliver Setchell - The South Downs SCITT - osetchell@thesouthdownsscitt.co.uk, MrSetchellPE      

116. Hannah Knox - The Angmering School - hknox@theangmeringschool.co.uk, @mrsknoxgeog

117. Nicola Upperton, The Angmering School - nupperton@theangmeringschool.co.uk

118. Rose Cross, St Andrews Boys School - crossr@st-andrews-boys.org.uk

119. Kate Claydon, Worthing High School - kclaydon@worthinghigh.net

120. Faye Stead, St Paul's Catholic College - fstead@stpaulscc.co.uk

121. Debbie Collier, Worthing College, d.collier@worthing.ac.uk

122. Amy Stribbling, St Paul's Catholic College - astribbling@stpaulscc.co.uk

123. Steph Moodie, Steyning Grammar School smoodie@sgs.uk.net

124. Thuy La, Felpham, tla@felpham.org.uk

125. Lesley Graney, DHS, lgraney@durring.com

126. Kathy Hughes, DHS, khughes12@durring.com

127. Simona Trignano, DHS, strignano@durring.com

128. David Cuthbertson, Chatsmore Catholic High, dcuthbertson@chathigh.co.uk 

129. Robin Josephs, Albion in the Community, rob.josephs@albioninthecommunity.org.uk @mrjossyj

130. Della Lawson, Learning Performance, della@dellalawson.com, @dellslawson   

131. Lindsey Cox, TRS, Lindsey.cox@theregisschool.co.uk

132. Becca Offer, TRS, roffer@theregisschool.co.uk

Presenters (please include school, email address and topic - and twitter address, if available)


1. Mark Enser, Heathfield CC, menser@heathfieldcc.co.uk, @EnserMark "Expect Excellence" 

2. Jason Ramasami (@jasonramasami) '#TeachingTalk - some highlights and reflections on a terrific xperience.'

3. Lianne Allison, The Angmering School, lallison@theangmeringschool.co.uk - "Developing Early Teachers"

4. Cherie Sykes, The Angmering School, csykes@theangmeringschool.co.uk - "RRSA - UNICEF - Developing Global Citizenship"

5. Caroline Riggs (@SciRiggsy), The Angmering School, criggs@theangmeringschool.co.uk- "One in every classroom- how colour vision deficiency affects our learners" 

6. Pauline Gaston, Oathall CC  "That Player Roger Federer is Naturally Talented You Know!"  pgaston@oathall.org  @PaulineMGaston

7. Andy Tharby, DHS, atharby@durring.com 'The limits of my language mean the limits of my world' - Practical ways to bridge the gap

8. Ben Crockett, Durrington High School, bcrockett@durring.com, "Marginal Gains and Metacognition"

9. Holly Billinghurst, Steyning Grammar School, hbillinghurst@sgs.uk.net "An Online Revision Revolution - Digitise the bottom of the School Bag" @SGS_Computing 

10. Martha Boyne, Emily Clements, Ben Wright "Teachers make the worst students: so how can we become better at using the research?" @thrive_teach

11. Brian Marsh, University of Brighton, b.marsh@brighton.ac.uk, "School-based teacher action research - what are we learning?" @brianmarsh52

12. David Rogers, @davidErogers, Geographer at Large, 'Developing retrieval opportunities for secondary school students through a primary collaboration'

13. Anna Ward,  The Angmering School award@theangmeringschool.co.uk "Raising the profile of KS3 through assessment: planning for long term success." @anna_award

14. James Crane Durrington High School, @MrCranePE 'Effective Lesson Study'






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